Ylang Ylang Certified Organic (Cananga Odorata) 15ml


Extraction method : steam distillation

Plant part : flowers

Nature of oil : pale yellow liquid with intensely sweet and floral, reminiscent of almond and jasmine combined aroma

Aroma effect : warming and intoxicating

Main constituents : methyl benzoate, methyl salicylate, linalyl acetate, cadinene, caryhyllene, pinene, creosol, eugenol, linalol, geraniol

Properties : antidepressant, antiseptic, hypnotensive, nervine, sedative, circulatory stimulant, tonic



Promotes charisma, sexual inadequacy, togetherness, joy and peace. Sedative effect of nervous system, hence relieves anxiety, tension, shock, fear, panic, depression, stress and insomnia. Helps to deal with sexuality issues such as Impotency and frigidity. Slows down rapid breathing and heartbeat. Reduces high blood pressure and heals intestinal infection. Soothes and balances skin, balances secretion of sebum and promote hair growth.

Blend well with : bergamot, black pepper, citrus oils, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, sandalwood, basil, cedarwood, lemon, vetiver, peppermint, clary sage


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