Lime, 100% Pure Essential Oil (Citrus Auratifolia) 15ml


Extraction method : cold expression

Plant part : feel of the unripe fruit

Nature of Oil : pale yellow or green liquid with strong sharp refreshing fruit aroma

Aroma effect : uplifting and cooling

Main constituents : limonene, pinene, camphene, citral, cymene, cineol, linalol, coumarin

Properties : antiseptic, antiviral, aperitif, bactericidal, febrifuge, restorative






Refreshes, stimulates and energizes tired mind. Reduces the feeling of depression and anxiety. Helps to ease breathing. treat colds, sore throats, flu, coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma, fever. Relieves pains associated with arthritis, rheumatism, joints and muscles. Improves poor circulation, obesity and cellulite. Clears oily skin, treats acne, herps, cuts and wounds.

Blend well with : citrus oils, neroli, clary sage, lavender, ylang-ylang, petitgrain, rosemary

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Weight 15 oz

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