Grapefruit, 100% Pure Essential Oil (Citrus Paradisi) 15ml


Extraction method : cold expression

Plant part : peel of the fruit

Nature of oil : pale yellow or greenish liquid with fresh, swee and citrus aroma

Aroma effect : uplifting and antidepressant

Main Constituents : limonene, paradisiol, neral, geraniol, citronellal

Properties : antiseptic, antitoxic, astringent, bactericidal, diuretic, depurative, digestive, tonic




Boosts immune system , protects the body from new infections  and eliminates the infections, effective in treating infections of the colon, stomach, intestines, urinary system, excretory system and kidneys, treats bruises, wounds, cuts, and acne, stimulates the brain and endocrinal glands and promotes proper secretion of hormones and enzymes, stimulates the nervous system and makes you more active and alert, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile in the stomach, lymphatic, circulatory, and excretory system, induces positive feelings of hope, cures depression, and relieves anxiety and stress, stimulates certain hormones that have uplifting effects on the brain, helps in weight lose though at the same time able to increase appetite, helps in removal of excess water and toxin from the body, ensure healthy functioning of lymphatic system, acts as a tonic, treats oily skin and acne, and treats stiffness and cramps in the muscles.

Blend well with : citrus oils, cardamom, coriander, cypress, juniper berry, lavender, neroli, petitgrain, pine, geramium, rosemary

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Weight 15 oz

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