Brain Booster 5ml


Essential oils : Vetiver, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Lavender, Helichrysum, Melissa, Cypress and Fractionated Coconut Oil


I fall in love with this blend at first sniff! Yes you read that right…sniff!! It was a replica of a blend from another reputable company which I can’t name here..woohooo!!! But I can tell you that it just blew my mind away with its mixture of scent of sandalwood and frankincence. Bear in mind while  both of these two has a powerful grounding effect on the mind, vetiver has a strong calming effect. Hence the combination…oh well…you got to try it for yourself. If you are looking for something that wont make you feel  distracted, I bet you going to love it just as I do. Great for students when they use to do their revision.

  • Has grounding effect on mind and emotion, especially for hyperactive children
  • Increases concentration and focus, mental clarity, clears scatter thoughts
  • Relieves tension, stress, anxiety, headaches and migraines
  • Helps to recover from shock and traumas
  • Calms the heart
  • Helps to treat cold, flu, sinus and cough

How to use :

  • Apply behind the neck area, chest and sole of feet
  • Inhale directly from bottle

Please note that as the blend has carrier oil added, its not suitable for diffusing in electric diffuser.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

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