Black Pepper 100% Pure Essential Oil (Piper nigrum) 15ml


Extraction method : Steam distillation

Plant part : dried peppercorns

Nature of oil : pale greenish-yellow liquid, hot, spicy, piquant scent

Aroma effect : stimulating and warming

Main constituents : thujene, pinene, camphene, sabinene, carene, myrcene, limonene, phellandrene, beta-caryophyllene

Properties : Analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-toxic, appetite-stimulant, bactericidal, carminative, digestive, diuretic, febrifugal, laxative, rubefacient, stimulant, stomachic, sudorific, tonic




Stimulates the mind to enhance alertness and stamina, improve circulation, relieve Treats pains, rheumatism, chills, flu, colds, increase circulation, exhaustion, muscular aches, physical and emotional coldness, nerve tonic and fever. Increase saliva flow, stimulates appetite, encourage peristalsis, tones the colon muscles and a general digestive tonic.

Blend well with : other spices, citrus essences, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, geranium, rose, ylang ylang, rosemary, sandalwood

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