At Natural Touch Therapy, we customised blendings according to customer’s request.
Please email us and let us know if you want a mix blend of any essential oil.

Ways to use essential oils :
1.Rub diluted (see recommended dilution as follows) oils on the feet.
2. Diffuse
3. In the washer or dryer to freshen laundry
4. A few drops on a tissue for direct inhalation
5. Add a few drops in the bath water
6. Add 3-5 drops in any melt & pour soap or unscented bodywash.

For infants and young children:
1 drops of essential oil to 4 teaspoons of carrier oil

For adults:
For concentrated area of the body : 3-5 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil
For large area of the body (eg; for massage) : 1 drop to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil