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Aromatherapy home spa as a gift

If you thinking of a perfect give for friend or colleague what would that be?

Would you consider home spa set as gift?

Recently, I package a set for a colleague as a farewell gift compromises of the following:

A massage oil, DIY body scrub, DIY perfume, lavender essential oil and peppermint.

If that’s not all, they came in a box filled with potpourri infused with lavender essential oil.

If you searching for some ideas perhaps this video might help.

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DIY honey salt bath scrub

In my previous posts, I’ve shared on how I was impressed by a friend who creates her own skincare products using natural ingredients and essential oil. Feeling inspired, I attempted to follow suit and now there’s no way I would turn back to buying from stores.

I’m going to share one which I named Aromatherapy Honey Salt Bath Scrub. It contains the following :-

Epsom salt – flushes out uric acid from the muscles and joints hence relieves pain due to arthritis and rheumatism

Himalayan pink salt -nourishes the skin

Sweet almond oil – easily absorbed into the skin, softens and removes dirt accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles

Evening primrose oil – improves skin elasticity and smoothness

Orange essential oil and honey cleanses the skin without drying it out

Geranium essential oil – consists anti-inflammatory properties particularly effective against edema, swelling of the skin due to fluid build up


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Welcome to the world of natural healing!

We believe in natural healing
I started my journey with aromatherapy and essential oils during my reiki master class. Apart from enjoying the therapeutic aroma, I’ve learned that these oils have their own natural capabilities to heal a person on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. I began to incorporate essential oils into my daily life be it for common ailments such as fever, flu, cough etc or for  coping with emotional issues, meditation, regain my energy and more.

During the course of this journey,  I also learnt that mixing different types of essential oils can enhance the therapeutic effect of these oils. I began experimenting using my own blends such as Brain Booster to clear mental fogs and increase concentration,  Immune Defenser to reduce flu bugs and protect against virus and many more.

My challenge was in fulflling the commitment of monthly purchases of the essentials from a highly reputed company. So I persevered in my search for other sources, hoping to get better prices. I never compromise quality. I ensure this by requesting for reports on the appropriate tests to validate quality and purity of the essential oils. Much to my delight, I struck deals with a few suppliers who are able to offer high quality certified organic essential oils at significantly lower prices for bulk purchases.
I then decided to turn my passion into a home-based income to achieve a win-win situation. I also obtained a Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy to deepen my knowledge via a study of the properties of each botanical plant which is a source of  essential oil and explore ways and means to use these oils to the fullest. I strongly believe that I can now help others…… better!

 This is how DivinoScent was born……